Rampaian Tari Singapura

Finally, I’m done composing a Malay dance track comissioned by T3at3r Muzikal Collective TMC for Rampaian Tari Singapura. An artist in collaboration between 7 local composers and 7 choreographers and a few groups of selected dancers.

I’m so fortunate to be collaborating with Bib Mockram and Joget was the theme chosen for me. The dance composition is called Joget Santai Di Pantai Ujong.

Looking forward to the final product digital recording.

My many thanks to Hardi Aris for recording his accordion and Lenny Karmila, on her violin. Totally fantastic and exciting! Look out for more details soon!

Dendang Lebaran – Online Digital Showcase

Still Hari Raya right?

Mapletree Arts in the City and Wadah Seni Entertainment will be bringing you a line-up of jubilant tunes to celebrate this festive season together with your friends and family.

Join us with our vocalise; Rudy Djoe, Shahirah Saad, dancers; Hanapi Johari & Asnayon Aspun and lastly; yours truly, Danial Ariffin Azman on the piano.









Selamat Hari Raya!

This year Hari Raya is indeed a different one. Due to the implementation of the COVID-19, we could not celebrate and visit house to house with our family, relative and friends. We could just do stay home Hari Raya with our immediate family only.

Thus, we rely on communicating through digital platform such as Zoom, Google Meet and other messaging platform. A bit different but what to do with implementation like this. COVID-19 has indeed put a burden in our nation, our people and the rest of the country.

Front-liners put their life at risk due to their job scope but how much we thanked them for working hard 24/7, it is always not enough. But in hearts, we know they persevere throughout these difficult period. Thank you to all front-liners out there.

So, during these period, I am mostly at home as I am not needed at school due being a casual relief. Both me and my partner were affected by this as we are not needed by the school. And since April, they implemented the home based learning for school. I was back as a freelance working from home. Thank God, I have some freelance work to do for the Malay TV station for their Hari Raya recording show via Zoom and in the studio. Blessed for that.

A good friend of my, Lenny initiated to do Hari Raya song cover since many Malay traditional band in Singapore did either an original Hari Raya songs which of course, super creative and talented or a song cover. Mostly did online video recording from home. The editor is the one who painstakingly edit each and every member of the video to become one. So, Lenny thought that I would just do a piano minus one and then she would record her violin. But I decided to go further, doing a full orchestral arrangement of Aman Shah’s Kepulangan Yang Di Nanti. I feel that I can do more on this arrangement and I want to add colours to it rather then the normal chordal chord structure of it. I went out of my box. Within 4 hours, I finish the arrangement and send the RAW track to Lenny to record. She was shocked. She didn’t expect I would do this. So, rather then writing more to read, this is my arrangement of a Hari Raya cover, Kepulangan Yang Di Nanti featuring Lenny on violin and myself on the piano. Enjoy.

Kids here and there and upcoming Rentas…

After so long, I am back here updating. As you some of you would know that I am working full time as a relief teacher in a secondary school in the west side. It has been almost a month since I started in late January and all is good. I have a good and dedicated relief team and it has been fun so far. Only days which are pack when full time teachers are on leaves or courses.

Anyway, it has been busy for me during school hours. I will spend more time in school and after school, I will be back working to my freelance job. Currently, I am busy preparing for Gemadah 2020 – Rentas which will be held at Esplanade Recital Studio on 28 March 2020.

I will be joining a music maestro Hardi Aris, an accordionist and composer together with music mentor, Maestro Zulkifli Mohamed Amin. Hardi and myself will premier our composition which consist of inspiration by the rhythms and melodies of traditional Malay music which embody the spirit and values of Malay culture.


The participating musicians of the residency programme are handpicked based on their individual experience and interest in developing their craft within the sphere of traditional Malay music. After more than 20 hours of workshops, training and rehearsals, the residency programme culminates in a music showcase, featuring new works by the resident artists, solo performances as well as a creative composition by the participating musicians.

About Zulkifli Mohamed Amin

Zulkifli Mohamed Amin is widely acknowledged as a proponent of Malay music and traditional instruments, having served as music director of the youth section of Orkestra Melayu Singapura since its inception in 2005 till present. In 2015, he embarked on a new project, co-founding Nusantara Arts as a platform for young musicians to hone their musical sound and voice, and collaborate with artists from other disciplines. The company draws influences from the Malay Archipelago, moulding them into something that is uniquely Singaporean. He is the recipient of the National Arts Council’s Young Artist Award 2018.

About Muhammad Hardi Aris

Hardi Aris began his traditional Malay music journey in 2005 as member of Alunan Dondang Irama Melayu (ADIM). In 2012, he joined another traditional Malay ensemble called Nobat Kota Singa (NKS). Hardi is active in numerous local productions and overseas performances, playing an essential role as Music Director of NKS.

Pursuing his passion for traditional Malay music, he signed up as a member of Orkestra Melayu Singapura (Belia), where he was under the tutelage of Dzul Rabull, Azrin Abdullah, Arman Abdul Rahman, Fadhli Ramlee and many others. In Oct-2017, he completed the Malay Traditional Music workshop conducted by Ariffin Abdullah, a renowned traditional Malay accordionist in Singapore. Hardi currently attends private classes with Team Accordion Singapore.


So, click on link above to check us out on Esplanade website.

Date: 28 Mar 2020 (Sat)
Time: 3pm & 8pm
Venue: Esplanade Recital Studio

Sukma Irama Layar Perak was a blast!

Finally, I decided to update some of my recent and past shows that I have been busy with. Throwback to 14 September 2019.

Finally, done with Sukma Irama Layar Perak!

Thank you to my musician family of Orkestra Melayu Singapura for this opportunity to be the Music Director for the concert! Special thanks to Abg Irawan Gani for being my associate music arranger. Without you, I cannot manage the lists of score arrangements alone. Thanks Abg.

Lastly, my Obeks, my two and only, Abg Ibrahim Hamid and Abg ‎حيت رحمد جونير‎ (Hayatz Rahmad Jnr) for being our Manager and Asst. Manager and coordinating from the start till the end.

Thank you Wadah Seni Entertainment, Kak Ukhti Aminah and the rest of the Sukma Irama Layar Perak family, guest artistes and singers, we are glad to be part of this concert!

Thank you to all the crews who are behind the scene, SOTA crews, sound engineer Adarsh, Abg Fadlin Faladino for all the help in assistant to us OMS and making us sounding good.

Thanks to all family, friends and supporters who came down for the concert! Thank you NAC for Silver Arts 2019!

Image may contain: 11 people, including Danial Ariffin Azman, people smiling
Image may contain: 28 people, people smiling, people standing and wedding
Image may contain: 11 people, including Danial Ariffin Azman, Haikal Samat, Isa Dahlan, Indra Murak, Jeffri Natawate, Hakim Bin Ramle and Ibrahim Hamid, people smiling
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Image may contain: 2 people, including Danial Ariffin Azman, people smiling, people standing
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Image may contain: 4 people, including Danial Ariffin Azman, people standing and indoor
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I’m Back!

It has been a past few months of not updating after my last performance with People’s Association Youth Chinese Orchestra (PAYCO). I was busy with my finals for my Bachelor’s Degree at Lasalle and was preparing my exegesis practice for my dissertation. Now it’s already June. I thank God that all is over and I can relax my mind. Finally, after two year in uni, I am done with another phase of my education life. Thanks to my parents, family and friends who always give support to me from the start to the very end. Only those who are close to me knows how much dedication I would put in music. Also, got the opportunity given by my college, LASALLE College of the Arts to be chosen to be interviewed by BERITA Harian. I have known the reporter, Kak Haryani Ismail since 2013 when I won the Goh Chok Tong Youth Promised Award. This latest news publication would be my 3rd publication for the newspaper. God Bless. I am so thankful for this. Below is the article in Malay with English translation by LASALLE College of the Arts. https://www.lasalle.edu.sg/sites/default/files/inline-files/The-further-LASALLE-undergraduates-travel_BH_11-Apr.pdf

Recently, I was packed with rehearsals and practice sessions for upcoming performances. Just finished with Wisma Geylang Ketupathon with Orkestra Melayu Singapura last week on 2nd June 2019 but this time, I was on the Accordion instead of the Keys. Had fun backing up legend artistes and great to be back performing with OMS after so long hiatus. Wisma Geylang would be our new home for the Orkestra Melayu Singapura.

While that is done, it is now the festive season of Hari Raya. I am in the midst of have rehearsal for the upcoming Gemadah Di Pesta. Come witness the collaborative ensemble, formed by the top talents of homegrown Malay music ensembles, share their love for traditional Malay music through a myriad of classic and contemporary Malay tunes.  Enjoy familiar classics made anew, featuring the works of notable arrangers with their own unique interpretations of Malay traditional music. All music arrangements was all done by my good friend from LASALLE, Aliff Azman and my senior/mentor music director Zulkifli Mohd Amin.
27 June 2019, Thursday
Esplanade Outdoor Theatre
7pm & 8.45pm
So, I will post more updates on my upcoming shows or performance on this blog.

Last but not least, I just had a production recording with Oak3 Films on 1st June 2019 at Wisma Geylang Serai for an Arts and Cultures programme which will be aired on Suria Channel this coming August hosted by Suzairhe Sumari. Basically, about my little life story on my musical journey and my part as a musician in OMSB, OMS and as a young composer who instill and combine traditional music with western music in my music composition. And also, a little bit of my learning on the accordion. So, watch out for it on Suria channel in August. A big thank you to the production crews and Suzairhe for the many many takes and patience with me. A big thanks too to my Orkestra Melayu Singapura family for accommodating. Haha. But for sure, it was fun!

A day with the People’s Association Youth Chinese Orchestra (PAYCO)

A throwback to last Saturday’s story with the People’s Association Youth Chinese Orchestra (PAYCO) as guest musician with my 2 other musically entertaining brothers. Haha. The last time I was invited to guest play with PAYCO was in 2012 at the Singapore Conference Hall. Bring back memories of the songs they played. Thank you to Obek Ibrahim, Kak Far, Abg Azmi and the rest who came down to support. My apologies to those who I didn’t get the chance to meet after the gala concert as I was in the rush. Nevertheless, thank you to Maestro Ng Seng Hong, Vivian, Yoke and the whole PAYCO family who invited us to be part of the concert. Hope to see you all again soon! Xie Xie!

OMS Belia SAXTION @ Esplanade Concourse

#throwback to last Friday where I spent my late afternoon with the OMS Belia SAXTION 🎷 for a performance at the Esplanade Concourse. Esplanade presents SOUNDTRACK and hence a selection of music specially arranged by Faizul & myself for this great bunch of musicians. Thanks to Rico for being able to join us for this performance as well. Kudos and awesome job to all for nailing it with just a few rehearsal sessions. ✌️😬

Also, thank you to the musicians family, friends and those who were there for coming down on a Friday evening after work to give them full support! Thank you to Esplanade, Hafiz Imran and your colleague (sorry I forget her name 🤦‍♂️ HAHA) for inviting and giving opportunity as a platform for us to perform.

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OMSBelia Saxtion at Esplanade Concourse

The OMSBelia Saxtion will be performing this coming Friday at the Esplanade Concourse as part of Esplanade Presents: Sound-tracks. My latest arrangement, Bollywood Medley will be premiered alongside with an old concert band arrangement which I did in 2010, Music From Korean Drama Symphonic Suite. This will be a new 2018 revised version for the ensemble with a bit of traditional Malay twist. Also, my music comrade, Faizul Mansor’s arrangement of Pink Martini’s Let’s Never Stop Falling in Love from the movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith will also be performed.

Much more of the OSTs from movies and dramas to be heard, so come down and have a listen!

A little bit about them: Since their debut performance at the Istana in 2015, the OMSB Saxophone Ensemble has grown to become a seven-piece group. Come on down and spend an evening listening to the saxophonists play beautiful music ranging from traditional and modern Malay tunes to English songs and more.

#mydurian #esplanadesg #soundtracks #free #music

Anugerah Belia Cemerlang MENDAKI (MENDAKI Youth Promise Awards) & Special Achievement Award for Excellence (Non-Academic)

It’s an honour to be part of this short video presentation for Yayasan MENDAKI to congratulate this year award winners at the Anugerah Belia Cemerlang Award 2018 together with other Goh Chok Tong Youth Promised Award alumni. I also had the opportunity to compose the music for this video led by a good friend of my mine, also an award recipient of the Goh Chok Tong Youth Promised Award in 2013, Zul Salleh of Zero3StudioSG. Some of the snippets of the video presentation. Thank you Zul, Muhammad Syakir and team for the amazing video.