Selamat Hari Raya!

This year Hari Raya is indeed a different one. Due to the implementation of the COVID-19, we could not celebrate and visit house to house with our family, relative and friends. We could just do stay home Hari Raya with our immediate family only.

Thus, we rely on communicating through digital platform such as Zoom, Google Meet and other messaging platform. A bit different but what to do with implementation like this. COVID-19 has indeed put a burden in our nation, our people and the rest of the country.

Front-liners put their life at risk due to their job scope but how much we thanked them for working hard 24/7, it is always not enough. But in hearts, we know they persevere throughout these difficult period. Thank you to all front-liners out there.

So, during these period, I am mostly at home as I am not needed at school due being a casual relief. Both me and my partner were affected by this as we are not needed by the school. And since April, they implemented the home based learning for school. I was back as a freelance working from home. Thank God, I have some freelance work to do for the Malay TV station for their Hari Raya recording show via Zoom and in the studio. Blessed for that.

A good friend of my, Lenny initiated to do Hari Raya song cover since many Malay traditional band in Singapore did either an original Hari Raya songs which of course, super creative and talented or a song cover. Mostly did online video recording from home. The editor is the one who painstakingly edit each and every member of the video to become one. So, Lenny thought that I would just do a piano minus one and then she would record her violin. But I decided to go further, doing a full orchestral arrangement of Aman Shah’s Kepulangan Yang Di Nanti. I feel that I can do more on this arrangement and I want to add colours to it rather then the normal chordal chord structure of it. I went out of my box. Within 4 hours, I finish the arrangement and send the RAW track to Lenny to record. She was shocked. She didn’t expect I would do this. So, rather then writing more to read, this is my arrangement of a Hari Raya cover, Kepulangan Yang Di Nanti featuring Lenny on violin and myself on the piano. Enjoy.

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