OMS Belia SAXTION @ Esplanade Concourse

#throwback to last Friday where I spent my late afternoon with the OMS Belia SAXTION 🎷 for a performance at the Esplanade Concourse. Esplanade presents SOUNDTRACK and hence a selection of music specially arranged by Faizul & myself for this great bunch of musicians. Thanks to Rico for being able to join us for this performance as well. Kudos and awesome job to all for nailing it with just a few rehearsal sessions. ✌️😬

Also, thank you to the musicians family, friends and those who were there for coming down on a Friday evening after work to give them full support! Thank you to Esplanade, Hafiz Imran and your colleague (sorry I forget her name 🤦‍♂️ HAHA) for inviting and giving opportunity as a platform for us to perform.

#esplanade #mydurian #concourse #orkestramelayusingapura #orkestramelayusingapurabelia #omsb #saxtion

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