Ann Hussein & Mat Jiwa Jiwa by Nusantara Arts


I will be performing with the Nusantara this coming Sunday. Enjoy a concert of Malay evergreens from the ‘80s with Nusantara, renowned singer Ann Hussein from the famed pop-rock band Gingerbread and Sheila De Niro. Expect Gingerbread’s all-time hits “Mat Jiwa Jiwa”, “Ku Cari Damai Di Hati”, “Rindu Oh Rindu” and other folk songs of the archipelago, which have been incorporated into current popular music tunes, all with special arrangements by Nusantara. Make a date with us!

Photos By: Zee Mustapha

Event Title: Ann Hussein & Mat Jiwa Jiwa by Nusantara Arts

Date: 23 September 2018 (Sunday)

Time: 3pm to 4pm

Venue: National Library Building, The Plaza

*Performed in Malay. Admission to this programme is free!

About Nusantara Arts:
Nusantara Arts was formed with the aim to bring together passionate young musicians who endeavour to promote the arts and culture. They take influences from the Malay Archipelago and mould them into something that is uniquely Singaporean.

Nusantara Official Website

Sneak peek for this Sunday.
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And I’m back with Nusantara LIVE!

After a long hiatus, I’m back playing with Nusantara Arts but this time for a wedding lunch function with a 5 piece band. And branding ourselves as the Nusantara LIVE! New platform and new venture into performing for special occasions especially weddings.  

So, here I am with the band. Hafiz on Alto Sax, Sheera on Vocals, Rudee Oma on Drums, Sunarto on Bass and myself on the keys. 

Thank you to Sally Music Production team for the sound reinforcement and mixing and to my working colleagues of Nusantara; Zee, Abg Zoul and Abg Ghaz. 

Wishing the newly wed, Hanief and Hamizah a bless marriage and thank you for engaging our service with Nusantara. We had fun performing for your amazing wedding. 

Let the photos do the talking. 

OMS Belia are done with IRIRHN 2018!

It has been a challenging weeks of rehearsals but it was all worthwhile for the OMS Belia as we have done it again for the 3rd time performing for Inter Racial Inter Religious Harmony Nite 2018 at the Singapore Expo Hall 7. My music director Zulkifli Amin and myself conducted the orchestra and it’s great to have the Singapore President, Mdm Halimah Yaacob to grace the evening dinner. 

Thank you to all the musicians of OMS Belia for your dedication and hard work. We indeed work hard and play hard. Music through friendship is indeed a wonderful thing and the mutual understand create us be in greater bonds. Thank you too to my music director for encouraging, advices and help in bringing me into greater heights in managing and be in-charge of taking and leading the orchestra. The orchestra manager, Atiqa for running errands and taking care of every musicians’ welfare and needs.

It has been a great Inter Racial Inter Religious Harmony Nite 2018. Thank you for inviting the Orkestra Melayu Singapura Belia to be the live music of the event. 

Here is the Facebook Live of our soundcheck and performance throughout the evening of Inter Racial Inter Religious Harmony Nite 2018.

LIVE Radio Interview on Power 98FM

So today, I was invited to do a LIVE radio interview on Power 98FM with Jeremy Ratnam. This was part of “Power Up Special LIVE” where I was formerly from The SAF Music and Drama Company and now as music arranger, composer and producer. Also, I will shared my musical and NS experience throughout my days as a NSF.

They recorded LIVE on the Power 98FM Facebook page as well. 

I thank all listeners who tuned in during my interview on Power 98FM. My many thanks to Jeremy Ratnam of Power 98FM for inviting me and it has been a great pleasure.

Here is the whole interview (Three Part) which was aired LIVE on Power 98FM with Jeremy Ratnam.

We Are Ready for IRIRHN 2018

And so, it is the weekend and we had our very last rehearsal session with the orchestra on a Saturday. Full sounding and we are good to go. Rehearsal was great today and we have gone through the whole repertoire list for the show! A bit of final touch up and details for the IRIRHN 2018. These 20 musicians have work really hard and their commitment to come for every rehearsal shows that they are really compassion and dedicated toward their responsibility as musicians.

All thanks also to our youth orchestra music director, Mr Zulkifli Amin for his dedication and patience with the young musicians and bringing the orchestra to even greater heights. I am so fortunate to be able to help as the assistant music director and also the music arranger for all OMSB’s shows, events and projects. The orchestra has a very strong and unwavering support from the committee team which doesn’t fail to give help in terms of logistics, administration works, moral support and being firm in apprehending problems that arises in between. Lastly, my thanks to Ms Atiqa, our PA orchestra manager from PA Talent for both the main and youth wing of Orkestra Melayu Singapura (OMS) and Orkestra Melayu Singapura Belia (OMSB) for taking care of our welfare and well-beings of the orchestra, preparing and submitting paper works on our behalf.

So, The Orkestra Melayu Singapura Belia (OMSB) will see you on 14 July 2018 (Saturday) at Singapore Expo Hall 7 for Inter Racial Inter Religious Harmony Nite (IRIRHN).

Our 2nd Last Rehearsal Session

It’s the month of July and we are just about a week plus before the big show for IRIRHN 2018 at Singapore Expo Hall 5. This is our 2nd last rehearsal session with the orchestra. The happy faces of the musicians. This talented bunch indeed has bring a new level to the youth orchestra in term of musicality, techniques and the desire burning passion in playing music. We are excited too! Other than the rehearsals, they try out on the costume fitting for the show for 14 July 2018 and other administration stuffs were discussed on the details for the whole programme.

Back from the Ramadan and Hari Raya break

So the Orkestra Melayu Singapura Belia (OMSB) is back after the Ramadan and Hari Raya break. Rehearsals was as usual as we tighten up the repertoire list for the upcoming IRIRHN show.

The festive mood is still on with the musicians as we decided to add in a Hari Raya number in the repertoire as we think it is appropriate as the IRIRHN falls on 14 July 2018 and it’s the still the festive season before it end on the 15 July 2018. It was a good initiative by the committee member of the OMSB to actually sound out on listing a Hari Raya number to be put in the repertoire. “Menjelang Hari Raya” was selected to be the festive piece as the music arrangement is brand new, hype and fits the orchestra setting.

The 3rd rehearsal session with OMSB

This would be the last rehearsal session before the orchestra goes for a short break to welcome the holy month of Ramadan.

And so, I managed to finish up all the orchestral arrangements that is needed for the IRIRHN show and the orchestra have gone through the parts and sight reading during last week and tonight’s rehearsal session. All was good to go. The rest of the music was either composed/arranged by the music director of Orkestra Melayu Singapura (OMS) or the music director of Orkestra Melayu Singapura Belia (OMSB).

We had to prepare a list of repertoire just to play safe during the show as we might need to play through till the end of the event. However, it is all up to the stage manager whether it will be cut short or it long. It is always better to prepare extra repertoires rather than nothing at all. This is very important when you are dealing with large ensemble/orchestra as there are many parts to prepare as compare to a three to five piece band where they can be “auto-pilot” with just little chord charts.

So here are the list of repertoires that the orchestra will be playing. 

  1. A Place In Our Hearts (IRIRHN Theme Song)
  2. Gagasan Irama Melayu
  3. Jinkli Nona*
  4. Munnaeru Valliba*
  5. Yoroshiku Aishu – Sejak Mengenal Cinta*
  6. Stand Up For Singapore*
  7. Teresa Teng Medley*
  8. Yesterday Once More*
  9. Menjelang Hari Raya

*Music arranged by Yours Truly

The next Orkestra Melayu Singapura Belia (OMSB) rehearsal will resume on 21 June 2018.