OMSBelia Saxtion at Esplanade Concourse

The OMSBelia Saxtion will be performing this coming Friday at the Esplanade Concourse as part of Esplanade Presents: Sound-tracks. My latest arrangement, Bollywood Medley will be premiered alongside with an old concert band arrangement which I did in 2010, Music From Korean Drama Symphonic Suite. This will be a new 2018 revised version for the ensemble with a bit of traditional Malay twist. Also, my music comrade, Faizul Mansor’s arrangement of Pink Martini’s Let’s Never Stop Falling in Love from the movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith will also be performed.

Much more of the OSTs from movies and dramas to be heard, so come down and have a listen!

A little bit about them: Since their debut performance at the Istana in 2015, the OMSB Saxophone Ensemble has grown to become a seven-piece group. Come on down and spend an evening listening to the saxophonists play beautiful music ranging from traditional and modern Malay tunes to English songs and more.

#mydurian #esplanadesg #soundtracks #free #music

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