Orkestra Melayu Singapura Belia (OMSB) is back on a new season after “Rentas Muzika”

OMSB is back in action!

The Orkestra Melayu Singapura Belia is back for a new season after a successful concert called “Rentas Muzika” held at Our Tampines Hub Festive Arts Theatre on 7th April 2018.

The orchestra travelled back in time and performed an evening of nostalgic classic Malay pop selections from the 60s to 80s!

I was being tasked to helm the baton as the conductor for this concert. Thanks to my music director of Orkestra Melayu Belia, Mr Zulkifli Mohd Amin for the help and guidance in preparation of this concert. 

Some of my music arrangements were also performed such as  “Bila Larut Malam”, “Berkorban Apa Saja”, “Pandang-Pandang, Jeling-Jeling”, “Joget Kenangan Manis” and “Dia”. Most of it are evergreen Malay pop and traditional during the 60s to 80s.

Here are some photos taken during the concert on 7th April 2018.

Photos Credits: PAssionArts at Tampines 

A big thanks to all musicians who work hard to make the concert a success, to Atiqa our Orchestra Manager and to all back stage crews and helpers for rendering help to make the concert a smooth one, to those who are involved in one way and another and lastly, to the sporting audience who stands up and dancing to our live music, THANK YOU for making Rentas Muzika a success. Thank you family and friends, till we meet again next time.

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